How to Choose the Right Banner Bracket for Your Project

Commercial Banner Brackets Buying GuideCommercial Banner Brackets Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best method of hanging banners? Indoor and outdoor banner brackets are easy to install and available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Using banners to direct customers, grab the attention of passersby, or announce an event, offers the perfect way for businesses and commercial property owners to display information and signs in an attractive and professional manner.

If you are looking for a secure and affordable way to display banners inside or outside of your commercial property, then learn how to choose the right banner brackets using this simple buying guide.

Display your Banner BracketsDisplay your Banner Brackets

Consider the Location Where Your Banner
Will Be Displayed

Your first step in selecting the right banner brackets is determining where you want to display your banner. We have a large selection of options, allowing you to easily display wall banners, pole banners, or even hang your banner from a corner using our convenient bracket adapters. Using our corner mount brackets, you can mount your banner along a corner of your building to maximize the amount of exposure your banner receives from people passing by. Of course, we can also custom-manufacture backplates to your specifications for corners that are not 90 degrees.

For hanging banners along a wall or outside on a pole or post, browse our selection of banner brackets to find the best match. Pole brackets are available in styles to fit both square and rounded poles and posts.

Choose Banner Bracket StyleChoose Banner Bracket Style

Measure the Width of Your Banner

After choosing the location for your banner, you will need to factor in the size of your banner. Measure the width of your banner and use this measurement when choosing banner brackets. Most of our brackets will accommodate most banner widths and pole pockets approximately 2 inches. For larger banners, or for special requirements, we also offer custom banner brackets to suit your needs.

Choosing a Banner Bracket Style

Now that you have considered the location where your banner will be mounted and the size of your banner, it is time to begin picking out what style of bracket to use. From simple pole banner brackets with a finial at the tip to a more elegant design, such as our trapeze style wall mount banner bracket, we have a variety of options for you to choose from.

In general, you will need 2 banner bracket sets to securely mount your banner. One arm holds the top of the banner while the other keeps the bottom in place. As with larger sized banners, we can also create custom banner brackets to match the exact style and look you are trying to achieve.

Picking out the best banner brackets for displaying your light pole banners or any other type of banner does not have to be a complicated task. Start by determining where you plan on hanging your banner, measure the size of your banner, and then browse our selection of available banner brackets.

Visit our site today to begin shopping for brackets for mounting your banners or contact us to learn more about custom orders.

Banner Bracket StyleBanner Bracket Style