Choosing the right gooseneck light

Before you start looking at gooseneck light fixtures to buy, it's important to determine how many you need. The general rule of thumb is one fixture for every 3 to 4 feet of sign width (tall signs may also require fixtures above and below for proper illumination). Once you know how many fixtures you will need, follow our step-by-step guide that will help you choose the best fixture for your space.

Step 1: Choose a Shade

The most important thing when buying gooseneck lighting is to fully know and understand the space and building in which you are planning to place them. Be sure to measure thoroughly or hire a licensed contractor to do so.

There are various styles of gooseneck shades available at for purchase. Shade choice is mainly for desired design effect, but a few are ideal for particular uses. Read more:

Angle lighting shade


  • Best for lighting outdoor signs and awnings
  • Casts directional, focused light on large areas
  • Modern style


Measuring Sign Standoffs


  • Best for lighting outdoor signs
  • Curved style for classic decor
  • Casts a broad directional light


Measuring Sign Standoffs


  • Best for large or heavily trafficked outdoor areas
  • Like the Warehouse style, cast guards and vapor jars are recommended
  • Antique/Farmhouse style


Measuring Sign Standoffs

Bullet Lights:

    • Best for lighting signs and menu boards
    • Casts very focused, directional light
    • Compact for smaller spaces and signs
    • Sleek, modern, minimalistic style


Measuring Sign Standoffs


  • Best for monument signs, storefronts, commercial exteriors, sidewalks and entrances
  • Provides broad, ample downlighting
  • Recommended: Cast guards & vapor jars to protect bulbs from breaking and diffuse light
  • Modern industrial style


The Golden Gooseneck

Step 2: Choose a Mounting Source

Choosing mounting arm style

Different gooseneck arm options offer different solutions for your space. Find decorative and unique arm extensions for parapet lighting, illuminating awnings, low clearance and more - all available online. In just 2-3 weeks, your made in USA lighting is finished in your choice of 25+ finish options, and shipped directly to your door.


Gooseneck lighting for store signs

Our most popular selection

Gooseneck lighting for store signs

In a hurry? Check out our Quickship Gooseneck Lighting selection, also Made in USA, and ships out in less than 5-7 business days.

Gooseneck lighting for store signs

Step 3: Choose the Finish

Now comes the fun part - how to customize your gooseneck light fixtures to fit your space and design desires. We offer a multitude of powder coat finishes that protect the fixture from weathering, and add to aesthetics. In addition to powder coated paint colors we offer upgraded metals like bronze, copper, and aged copper (copper patina) to give your establishment an upscale and distinctive look.

Gooseneck lighting for store signs

Step 4: Choose the Accessories

Accessories range from functional to decorative, and always make your fixtures a stand out from the crowd. Our most popular gooseneck accessories are:

Swivel knuckles for sign lighting

Swivel Knuckles:

  • Heavy-duty
  • Pivots to direct light where you need it
Wire guards for gooseneck lights

Wire Guards:

  • Protects bulbs from impact damage
  • Ideal for workshops, manufacturing or retail stores

Cast guard for protecting bulbs

Cast Guards & Vapor Jars:

  • Hides lighting component
  • Protects light source from harm
Photocell sensors automatically activate lights

Photocell Sensors:

  • Automatically activate lights on at dusk and off at dawn

Dimmers for adjusting lighting levels


  • Adjust light to any activity
Bronze Barn Light

Need an accessory that wasn't mentioned? Simply give us a call toll-free or Email Us»
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Step 5: Choose the Lamping

Color Temperature

Lighting does more than illuminate features and spaces - it affects people's moods. Consider color temperature when making your decision lamping based on the mood you want to set or the visceral reaction you want to evoke from people who see it. Bright whites (4000K) are non-threatening and inviting. People associate the warm orange or yellow hues of the soft white (3000K) with romance and exclusivity.

Color temperature chart

Types of Bulbs

Be sure to find out the require light bulb wattage based on the size of your shade. Smaller shades usually allow lower wattages, where larger shades can accept up to 200W bulbs. Our gooseneck lights uses incandescent bulbs as the standard lamping option, but can be upgraded to fit compact fluorescent, LED, or HID bulbs.

Energy Efficient light bulbs with standard base

Standard Medium E-26 Base

  • Accepts INC, and any other bulb type with a compatible base. All of our gooseneck light fixtures come standard like this unless otherwise requested/noted
  • No driver required
Compact fluorescent lighting bulbs for Energy Efficiency

Compact Fluorescent Lighting GU-24 Base

  • Accepts 2-Pin CFL bulbs and complies with California Energy Commission regulations for high-efficiency lighting on all residential remodels and new construction. Keep in mind a 23W CFL = 100W INC
  • Includes required driver
Efficient LED bulbs with standard base

Cree LED

  • A drop-in LED system with excessive options on lumen output, color temperature, and wiring (120v/277) giving you full control of exactly what your gooseneck lights will project
HID Lighting Bulbs

High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lighting

  • Metal Halide (MH) - Projects a brighter, whiter light
  • High Pressure Sodium (HPS) - Projects a warmer yellower light

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