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Sign Standoffs

Sign Standoffs

Sign Standoffs can transform ordinary signage into designer statements. Our standoff sign mounting hardware is an easy way to elevate the quality of any sign installation. The aluminum sign standoffs are durable enough to last for the lifetime of the sign. Our sign mounting hardware can support panels up to 3/4" thick.

These affordable Sign StandOffs are offered in many different sizes to fit most any project. Good for both indoor and outdoor applications. You can use most any kind of panel materials or clear acrylic from 1/8" to 3/4" thick overall.

Various Size Sign Standoff Kits Include:

(1) Wall Screw Stud- Screws into the wall
(1) Standoff- Screws over the stud
(1) Cap- Screw over the display board

Most Display Boards Require (4) Kits, one for each corner.

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Standoff Signs have become a popular means of creating designer signage. In place of the usual wall mounting where signage lays flat against the surface, Sign Standoffs are a visually interesting way to mount sign panels and placards with a slightly removed, chic floating look.

Sign Standoff mounting can be found in a range of commercial applications like signage in corporate office parks, medical buildings and in shopping malls. They are ideal for instructional signage as in those used to indicate suite numbers for different businesses in an office building or to identify the wing of a hospital where you'll find different departments or services.

At Sign Bracket Store, we offer an assortment of Sign Standoff kits in various sizes. Each provides the following materials to complete mounting configurations:

? Wall screw stud: this piece screws directly into the wall to create a foundation for mounting.
? Standoff: this piece screws over the stud for a polished look and added stability.
? Cap: this piece will screw over the display board to hold it in place.

Most display boards will require a total of four kits with Sign Standoffs affixed to the wall for each corner of panel or placard signage. Sizes offered can accommodate most panel or clear acrylic materials ranging from 1/8in. to 3/4in. thick overall. Sign Standoffs are made of durable aluminum with a pleasing satin finish. Resilient materials ensure a product that is built to last the full lifetime of your signage

Not only are Standoff Signs visually brilliant but they are easy to mount. Wherever screws can be attached to a wall sturdy enough to support commercial signage, Sign Standoffs can be installed. By clicking on individual product descriptions, our customers can find detailed technical information such as dimensions and guidelines for substrate accommodations. Pricing and estimated shipping time is also available.

Immediately increase the perceived value of your signage by creating attractive Standoff Signs. For more information on Sign Standoff kits or to discuss the specifics of your project in more detail, please feel free to contact a knowledgeable member of our team at 1-888-919-7446, 7am-5pm PST, M-F.