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Single Post Sign Brackets

Single Post Sign Brackets

The Sign Bracket Store offers distinction and creativity with architectural sign posts, fixed mount sign frames and signs. Home, business, and address sign posts are absolutely perfect for historic districts, but make any business stand out.
We know you'll be delighted with this find - top quality aluminum sign posts, engraved or imprinted, that work everywhere! Whether your ambiance is old-world or contemporary, elegant or casual chic, sign posts are always classy and a highly visible way to announce your business.

They come in wrought iron or aluminum, the new wrought iron. Only the person who lifts it will know the difference! They are address sign posts and signs for all seasons - and climates.

And of course the Sign Bracket Store offers you exciting and varied choices in sign designs, sizes, materials and finishes to complete your look, striking brackets that add even more appeal to your sign, and all the high quality parts you need to assemble your posts and signs simply, quickly and well.

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There is just so much to say about aluminum sign posts and signage that we've broken out topics in case you want to zero right in:

  • Real Estate Signs
  • Boffo Business Impact Signs
  • Banners
  • Alternative: Sign Brackets for Your Building
  • Landscape Signs - Two Posts with a Panel Add Choices
  • Where Do Hooks and Lattice Business Signs Work Best?

You'll also find helpful background info, ideas and tips on the art and science of signage in the "Boffo Business Impact" section and the "Where Signage Works" info below.

Where Do Post and Other Hooks and Lattices Signs Work Best?

Cities and towns from Arizona to Vermont are choosing signs and flower baskets or both on posts to dress up shopping neighborhoods at very affordable prices.

Hooks and Lattice sign selections offer the top choices for redeveloping historic districts. Sign posts are fabulous for walking tour signs that get visitors out and about in historic areas, and into the unique dining and shopping attracted to these eclectic neighborhoods.

On the other end, they're also perfect for today's trend for shopping malls with outside entrances and separate buildings, and can create a charming, small town streetscape inside malls.

Whether wrought iron or aluminum, Hooks and Lattice brings together more great choices for signposts, brackets and signs than you'll find elsewhere, and offers great looks in every price range.

City Projects

San Diego chose Hooks and Lattice to provide 228 brackets and planters for its Little Italy neighborhood, the inaugural site in a series of beautification plans for its downtown. Launched in June 2008, the plan calls for more than 400 post and bracket installations. The city is also delighted by the cost - almost 50% below the original budget

"Little Italy remains the standard of neighborhood success and this latest beautification project gives us a chance to celebrate the hard work and dedication that makes that true," said Mayor Jerry Sanders. "There is a constant energy in Little Italy's history that has been a catalyst for reinvigorating our urban core. The streetscapes, parks, colors and signage are perfectly coordinated to create an attractive and dynamic place that welcomes visitors and supports the needs of residents and merchants alike."

Greenville , North Carolina , found that the first and most important step in changing downtown's image was the streetscape plan. Lower signs, trees and plants were major features of their redesign. Similar approaches have been used in communities across the nation.

- Wayfinding -

Businesses, campuses, cities and neighborhoods are increasingly aware of the high value provided by - wayfinding - signs both outside and in. As one major urban consulting firm explains it, Wayfinding means knowing where you are, knowing your destination, following the best route, recognizing your destination, and finding your way back. When people cannot do these things, outside or inside, we say they are disoriented. Since disorientation has significant negative consequences, both for individuals and for the organizations that serve them, easy navigation benefits everyone.

We've all had the experience of backtracking long distances in places that provide only a few huge area maps, especially when we want to find a highly-recommended restaurant or specific store. Smaller signs throughout any venue can prevent this problem. The result: visitors who spend more time per visit and come back more frequently, and favorable recommendations to tourists, whether by word of mouth or the many sources of reviews now available on the web. See Boffo Business Signs for urban core signs and Landscape Signs for areas a bit more spacious.