Sign Blanks Buying Guide

Sign Blanks and Sign Substrates Buying GuidesSign Blanks and Sign Substrates Buying Guides

About Sign Blanks & Sign Substrates

If you are looking for new ways to save money on necessary signs and displays, then you need to learn more about aluminum and PVC sign blanks. Using quality sign blanks, you can easily save money on the creation of custom commercial signage. Signs help draw the attention of passersby as well as direct guests and customers to where they need to go. Whether you are looking to create a directional sign or a commercial display, learn more about how to choose sign blanks and sign substrates.

What is a Sign Blank?

A sign blank is essentially a blank sign that is ready for the application of vinyl lettering and custom graphics. They provide a great way to save money on the cost of new signage whenever the details of your sign need changing. Simply remove your graphic or add new wording to alter the information on your sign.

Find the perfect real estate sign blankFind the perfect real estate sign blank

What Purpose Does Your Sign Serve?

Before you start shopping for sign blanks, take a moment to think about the purpose of your sign. Does your sign help people find offices inside a building? Are you planning on installing a commercial sign advertising your business? Consider the intent of your sign and then you will have a better idea of the size you need. You should also decide on the location of your sign. Decide whether you want your sign to hang from a post or have it attached to a surface such as a wall. For example, real estate sign blanks are often attached to hanging posts, while cottage style sign substrates are great for restaurants, inns, and shops and can easily be mounted to a wall or hung from a post.

Variety of shapes and sizes of sign blanksVariety of shapes and sizes of sign blanks

Sign Blanks Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

There is a wide selection of sign blanks for all your signage needs. Take a look at our assortment of sign blanks to get a better idea of the typical styles that are available. In addition to different sizes and shapes, they are also made from various materials. The most popular options are the aluminum and PVC sign blanks. They offer more durability than plastic or wood signs, along with other benefits. PVC is a lightweight material, which is perfect for outdoor signs that are going to be exposed to rain and wind. Having a solid surface is important when creating your own custom signs.

Design your custom sign blankDesign your custom sign blank

Designing Your Custom Signs

After deciding on the sign substrates that you plan on using, your next step is to add information or graphics to your sign. Blank aluminum sign blanks and blank PVC sign substrates allow you to add custom graphics that can easily be switched out as needed. The cost of printing a custom graphic is a fraction of the cost of getting an entirely new custom sign. Another option is to use vinyl lettering. The PVC and aluminum surfaces make adding and removing vinyl decals a simple and quick process.

Sign blanks can save you money on the cost of new signage and you can even purchase sign blanks wholesale. Start shopping for sign blanks from our sign company supply online store for your business or commercial property. Look over our vast selection of sizes, shapes, and styles or contact us to get started on a custom order.