38" Twisted Arm Blade Sign Bracket w/ Spade Finial - Fits 24"-36" Signs

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The sign of the spade has represented many things throughout history but it always symbolizes trials and tests of life. This twisted arm blade sign holder bracket can embody that symbolism for your corresponding business, or you can use it as a sturdy and unique style option in combination with your business sign. The twisted arm of the spade provides an eye-catching display that is sure to draw the attention of passersby. Delicate scrolls along the top add an elegant appeal to the look, allowing these twisted sign brackets to work well with more refined businesses. Ideal for historic districts, downtown areas, or anywhere a practical but stylish appearance is desired.

All brackets are machine twisted for a sophisticated and elegant styling, while also enduring superior durability and strength. Made in the USA from quality materials. Ideally suited for hanging metal signs using the welded metal rings when paired with coordinating S hooks or jack chains.

This bracket is fashioned from durable metal materials and is made to hold signs of medium weight from a range of materials such as HDU, steel, wood, and smaller dimensional signs. Mount to any flat surface or wall. Comes with pre-drilled holes for quicker and easier installation.

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Length 38"
Height 14"
Material Iron
Style Blade Sign Brackets
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