Trapeze Banner Brackets Buying Guide

Trapeze Banner Brackets Buying GuideTrapeze Banner Brackets Buying Guide

Are you looking for a smart solution for displaying banners or hanging baskets? For either poles or banners, the trapeze brackets are a versatile, easy-to-install option for property owners or city planners. Keep your signs secure, wrinkle free, and save money on sign replacement. When looking for affordable ways to decorate the exterior of a building or beautify an area, they allow multiple solutions. Learn more about our quality trapeze brackets for mounting on poles or along exterior walls.

Trapeze BracketTrapeze Bracket

What are Trapeze Wall and Pole Banner Brackets?

Depending on your needs, trapeze brackets are available in numerous sizes and two variations - our standard trapeze banner brackets are easily installed along exterior walls or other outdoor surfaces, while trapeze pole brackets can be mounted to poles or posts. The elegant design and finish of these brackets make them universally suitable to fit just about any decor or style.

Along with an attractive design, all of our trapeze brackets have a built-in tensioning system that will aid in preventing bowing. Easily install your brackets along flat vertical surfaces, indoors or outdoors. The wall mounted banner bracket can also be attached to square columns or posts for commercial signage. These bracket systems cover a range of arm lengths, from 18" to 36" and are designed for outdoor use with a rust resistant powder coated finish. A high-quality product, they are built to last, offering years of use for properly displaying banners or commercial signage.

Trapeze pole banner brackets can accommodate most outdoor pole sizes, whether you are planning outdoor signage for your business or announcing an upcoming city event. For added stability and less wrinkling, use an upper and lower trapeze bracket to keep your banner or signage taut. Take a look at some of the available trapeze pole banner bracket sizes and options online or call us with questions.

What are Trapeze Wall and Pole Banner BracketsWhat are Trapeze Wall and Pole Banner Brackets

Showcase Events and Highlight Different Neighborhoods

Why should you consider trapeze brackets for your commercial property or city landscaping needs? The addition of banners or even hanging baskets with overflowing plant life will immediately brighten any area. For added illumination or to help draw attention to your banners, we offer lighted banner brackets. In fact, most of our trapeze style brackets can be fitted with lighting, including smaller, directional bullet lights or larger gooseneck shading. Keep your signage illuminated after dark or in dimly lit areas, contact us for custom fitting.

How To Order Trapeze Banner Brackets

Our selection of trapeze brackets will suit any of your needs. If you are ready to order or want some additional information, including specific sizes and details, then visit our trapeze banner bracket page and browse styles or find the right size brackets.

Contact us directly for details on larger orders and custom jobs at 1-888-919-7446.