1/2" dia. X 1.5" Aluminum Coupling - Black

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These couplings are designed to work beautifully with our coordinating sign lights and brackets, so installing an illuminated business sign is quick and easy, allowing your business or organization to maintain visibility at all times of the day and night. Use in conjunction with other hardware to enjoy a durable and sturdy design in a virtually endless number of configurations. Pair couplings with extension arms in various designs for a customized arrangement, or with sign lighting for something a little simpler. They're made from aluminum, allowing them to be lightweight and durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions without rusting or incurring other damage associated with lesser materials. These couplings also work with coordinating arm extensions.

Our couplings are welded onto our lighted sign brackets as well, making for unbeatable durability and convenience. This allows any extension arm length to be accommodated, so you're not limited in your selection. You can even choose customized sizing options to perfectly enhance your business. Just call or click to speak to our design experts to discuss the possibilities. Additionally, this welded design makes for quick and easy installation so you can use your brackets, arm extensions, and sign lighting as soon as you get them.

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Height 1.5"
Diameter 0.5"
Material Aluminum
Color Black
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