Double -sided Arm Heavy Duty Aluminum Banner Brackets

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  • Accommodates (2) banners up to 32" length each
  • 1" diameter aluminum pole x 72" length
  • 4 Quick release 40" straps
  • 2 Cable Ties 36"

These aluminum banner brackets are designed to withstand mild to moderate wind conditions and allow for easy installation of pole banners. Ideal for city districts when placed along light poles and other areas where a festive sign is needed, or for other business use. Each pole is fashioned from weather resistant materials and has a double sided heavy duty design that stands up against harsh weather conditions without rusting, fading, or chipping. Comes with everything needed for quick and easy installation, including set screws, tie wraps and standard stainless steel straps for posts up to 8in diameter.

Steel strapping is recommended for square pole installations requiring added stability. And with steel strapping, there is no need to drill into lampposts or for other surface installation, making things quicker and easier for you.

Banners are ideally suited for use along city squares to advertise public events, or commonly used by outside businesses like car dealerships and other outdoor venues, as well as for special events like shows, car shows, garden displays, and more.

Ask our design professionals for more details and customization options like custom wraps, straps, and other available hardware to accommodate your unique design job. Also ask about bulk orders and other special pricing available to some customers.

More Information
Length 72"
Diameter 1"
Banner Size 32"
Material Aluminum
Mounting Type Pole or Post
Style Steel Banding
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