Two-Way Banner Bracket Set with Scroll Artwork

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Say it with Style

Say it loud and say it proud! And while you're at it why not throw in a little bit of decorative elegance? Pole and lamppost brackets allow you to get your message across in a way that everyone from pedestrians strolling the sidewalks to motorists cruising along the road will notice. And since this banner bracket set offers two-way signage, you can be sure all your bases are covered. Our decorative sign brackets have a graceful scrollwork design that lends an upscale air to campuses, shopping centers, municipal boulevards and so much more.

Quality Decorative Sign Brackets

This banner bracket set with a scrollwork design goes above and beyond your average post brackets. It allows you to add that extra touch of custom classiness to your banner artwork. This bracket set features an ornamental scroll design on the upper bracket (no scroll on lower bracket) and optional ball finials for an extra touch of flair. Made from high-quality metal, these sign brackets have a black powder coat finish that adds extra resilience (resists rust and wear) and gives them a classic look. Designed for the life of signs, these bracket sets hold your vinyl signs tight and taut so that they do not twist or blow in the wind, which can cause serious damage. Included zip ties allow you to affix your banner to the bracket for a secure hold.

Customizable Lamppost Brackets

We know that pole and lampposts can come in all sizes and shapes; that's why we offer a number of options for your bracket set. Choose your pole type and arm length from the drop-down menu. And if you need a custom order, we are always happy to create brackets to your exact specifications. Each set includes: two top brackets with scrollwork, two bottom brackets, and a mounting kit. These brackets are easy to install and can be quickly adjusted as needed using an open end wrench.

More Information
Length 20", 26", 32"
Diameter 3", 4", 6"
Banner Size 18", 24", 30"
Material Iron
Mounting Type Pole or Post
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