2-3/8" Post Mount Bracket

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Sign Thickness

Straps to 2 3/8" posts
3" posts with gap

4" Length
7" Length

Slotted for 3/4"width banding (not included)

Aluminum 1/8" 

2-3/8in. Post Mount Bracket|4in. Long features:

  • Straps to 2 3/8" round posts, 3" posts with gap
  • Comes with zinc plated nuts and bolts
  • Slotted for up to 3/4"W banding
  • Channel holds 1/8" substrate

Hold street signs securely in place with heavy duty extruded aluminum brackets. Designed to operate with lasting efficiency, this durable post mount bracket is contoured to fit a 2-3/8" pole seamlessly or on a 3" pole with a slight gap.


  • Select from 4" or 7" in length
  • 1/8" slot for sign substrates
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum
  • Clean-looking presentation

To attach street sign hardware, use in combination with self-tapping screws or stainless steel straps (not included) around the pole. Brackets will work for display of street signs with 1/8" standard thickness.