3" Diameter Post Mount Sign Stabilizer

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Introducing the 3" Diameter Post Mount Sign Stabilizer – your answer to combating sign movement in breezy locales. Designed with ingenuity, this clamshell-style pole clamp effectively reduces the swaying of signs in windy conditions. Crafted from steel with an all-welded construction, it boasts a sleek Black powder-coat finish. Installation is a breeze: secure it to your 3" diameter round post and connect it to your sign. Choose between direct bolting to the lower inside corner or using optional eye hooks and chain for attachment.

Customization is key – these clamps can be tailored to your specific pole shape, diameter, and tab size, adapting seamlessly to your requirements. Explore the option of ornate scrollwork as a connecting tab – reach out for further details. If a swinging sign is not an option, our "Fixed Mount Sign Bracket" section provides additional insights for mounting and displaying signs. Elevate sign stability and aesthetics – order now to experience the difference.