Fiberglass Pole Spring Type Banner Brackets

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The world's only patented wind-spilling banner bracket! 


This unique spring-loaded wind release BannerSaver bracket is ideal for large light pole banners and semi-permanent banner installations. BannerSaver brackets spill 90% more wind than any other light pole brackets available.  BannerSaver brackets are highly recommended by property managers nationwide becasue they reduce the stress of municipal light poles. Made of rust free, 2-piece cast aluminum with solid fiberglass rods.  

Available BannerSaver Bracket sizes:
Small BannerSaver-for banners up to 30" x 84"
Medium BannerSaver-for banners 30" x 96"
Large BannerSaver-for banners up to 30" x 108"
XL BannerSaver-for banners up to 3' x 126"

For two sided banner displays order two 
BannerSaver sets.

More Information
Banner Size 26", 32", 38"
Material Aluminum, Fiberglass
Style Fixed, Steel Banding
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