Trapeze Banner Bracket- Wall Mount

$450.00 - $525.00
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Trapeze Banner Bracket- Wall Mount Details:

Suggested Banner Width

Banner Arms 

Top and Bottom Arms


18" 1.5" dia x 24"
(+2" ball finial)

2" dia x 32"
(+3" ball finial)

24" 1.5" dia x 30"
(+2" ball finial)

2" dia x 38"
(+3" ball finial)

36" 1.5" dia x 30"
(+2" ball finial)

2" dia x 50"
(+3" ball finial)



Enhance your banner display with our visually appealing Trapeze Style Bracket, offering a tension system that guarantees an impressive presentation. Specifically designed to showcase banners and signs ranging from 18" to 36" in width, this bracket is ideal for projecting a professional wrinkle free banner. Its ingenious design includes two adjustable arms that ensure optimal tension for a seamless and polished appearance. Crafted from high-quality iron, each Trapeze Bracket boasts a durable construction that withstands the test of time. Finished with a sleek powder coating in black, it not only exudes elegance but also provides exceptional resistance to rust, making it perfect for outdoor displays.

In addition to the showcased outdoor banner brackets, we offer customizable options to meet your specific requirements. Tailor your order by choosing a custom size or opting for powder coated finishes in an array of colors, including white, gold, copper-tone, bronze-tone, silver-tone, or even a match to your existing color scheme. Should you desire built-in sign lighting, simply request it, and we will be delighted to assist you.

For further information about our outdoor banner systems or to collaborate with us on a custom project, please reach out to our toll-free number. Our dedicated team is here to ensure your banner display exceeds expectations.