Classic Warehouse Shade Gooseneck Sign Light

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Gooseneck lighting fixtures are a hallmark of American style and these warehouse features of one prime example of their rustic style come to life. They feature the classic industrial themes that goosenecks are known for, combined with the modern features that today's home and business owners require. While they work well when placed along your front door at the entryway to greet guests and provide added lighting for safety, they're also ideally suited for use as sign lighting. Imagine the striking glow of one of our stylish goosenecks illuminate your business sign. It's a practical and economical way to keep your business in front of the public, allowing you stay in sight without spending a fortune on backlit lighting fixtures.

There are various reason goosenecks are ideal for use as sign lighting. For one, they offer a naturally downward trajectory that offers a more precise glow and a more targeted beam of light, allowing you to focus on exactly what you want people to see and nothing else. Additionally, these fixtures are able to wrap around signs and awnings, allowing them to showcase your business information with precision and accuracy not afforded by less customized lighting. We'll provide you with custom arm bending, which will let you find a light that will effortlessly and perfectly wrap around your exact sign to ensure that you're right in public view.

Aside from use as sign lights, gooseneck fixtures are perfect for upscale eateries along walls, use at entryways and doorsteps, or even in high end retail spaces where a little added lighting and style is needed. Choose from an array of striking colors and finish options, or ask about custom color matching to create a shade that is perfect for your existing color scheme. Other customization options are also available, such as varying shade sizes, shapes, and accessories, such as cages and covers. You can even upgrade your lighting to include energy efficient lamping that will easily save your money each and every month off your energy bill.