Gooseneck Light - 27 1/2"L x 3/4" Dia Arm - 7" Domed Shade

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Gooseneck lights were originally featured in warehouses and other industrial settings, since they made excellent task lighting with their focused illumination and sturdy construction. This industrial inspired appearance is popular among landscape designers and interior decorators, as well as home and business owners, making goosenecks more than just a highly functional lighting option - they're also stylish enough to hold their own within any décor scheme.

Our gooseneck lighting fixtures are designed to showcase your business signs to maintain full visibility. They wrap directly around signs and awnings, allowing for a more focused lighting option to show off only the areas you want to be noticed, drawing the eye directly to your business information. These striking lights also work wonders when displaying monuments, lawn sculptures, and flags around the house, making them equally well suited for home and commercial use.

Made from aluminum, they're also highly durable and powder coated for added weather resistance. There will be no rusting or corroding, and fading is kept at bay even when placed in areas with direct sun.

Choose from a wide range of customization options, including various colors, shades, and arm bending angles to fully accommodate your sign.

Gooseneck Color Chart
More Information
Diameter 7"
Material Aluminum
Wattage 100W
Shade Domed
Bulb Type Incandescent
Arm Extension AE9
Color Anodized Bronze C62, Anodized Charcoal, Arch Bronze, Black, Canal Green, Copper Paint, Dark Green, Galv Steel, Iron Rust, Matte Black.5, Med Blue, Navy Blue, Old Copper Patina, Patina, Polished Alum, Real Copper, Red, Rust, Sage, Satin Alum, Stucco, White, Yellow, Pol. Alum, Clr Ct, Real Copper, Clr Ct
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