Gooseneck Light Aluminum - 10" W x 10" H, Arm - with 7in. Emblem Shade

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Bring back your booming business with aluminum sign lights that are designed to showcase and grab the attention of your prospective clientele. These lamps are low-hanging and perfect for hard exterior or awnings - and they are meant to put a displaying halo around your signs, logos, monuments, and anything important to the customer ratio of your company. Or you can use these aluminum sign lights on your walkways, garage, and porches at home. Either way - the luminous outreach of each domed shade is vibrant and prevalent. We also offer these lamps in a variety of your favorite vividly colored finishes.

Gooseneck Color Chart
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Diameter 7"
Material Aluminum, Copper
Wattage 200W
Shade Emblem
Bulb Type Incandescent
Arm Extension AE19
Color Aged Brass, Arch. Bronze, Black, Brushed Aluminum, Copper Paint, Dark Green, Galvanized, Medium Blue, Oil Rubbed Bonze, Painted Steel, Patina, Raw Aluminum, Raw Copper, Red, Rust, Satin Aluminum, Satin Copper, Textured Black, White, Yellow
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