GroundMaster Post Systems

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Get a sturdy base for your posts with this multipurpose GroundTech® GroundMaster Post System. Each 4x4 post anchor system is strong, economical and easy to install. In fact, GroundTech® post anchors can be operational in just minutes, giving way to beautiful outdoor landscapes. Mailboxes, signage, post and panel projects and more will all find a sturdy footing with a GroundMaster Post System at their base.

Where a traditional 4x4 post anchor can take hours to install this simple system of post anchors is ready to use in just a fraction of the time. Also, heavy gauge steel sockets resist corrosion and blend well with exterior surroundings. The GroundMaster Post System is offered here in a light- or medium-duty grade to suit a range of applications. Light-duty post anchors are commonly used for mailboxes, wire fences and real estate signs. The medium-duty grade applies to these same projects and also works for larger signs, to install decking, storage sheds and carports.