Light Duty Upper Offset Sign Bracket

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Light Duty Upper Offset Sign Bracket Details:








24" 10" 10" 20"-22"
30" 10" 14" 26"-28"
36" 12" 20" 32"-34"

Introducing the Light Duty Upper Offset Sign Bracket, a versatile and durable solution for your signage needs. This bracket is constructed with a 1" flat bar, 3/8" thick, providing excellent strength and stability. It is designed to be used both as an exterior or interior bracket, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

The Light Duty Upper Offset Sign Bracket is specifically designed to be wall-mounted while maximizing the available space for signage. With its thoughtful dimensions, it ensures that your signs are prominently displayed and easily visible. Let's take a closer look at the dimensions for each size:

  • For the 24" bracket, the mounting plate measures 10" and the ring center is also 10".
  • For the 30" bracket, the mounting plate remains at 10", while the ring center extends to 14".
  • For the larger 36" bracket, the mounting plate increases to 12", and the ring center expands to 20".

These dimensions provide flexibility in choosing the right size for your signage requirements. Whether you need to display small informational signs or larger promotional displays, the Light Duty Upper Offset Sign Bracket can accommodate a variety of sign sizes.

The bracket's robust construction ensures long-lasting performance in both indoor and outdoor environments. Its sturdy design and high-quality materials make it resistant to the elements, ensuring that your signage remains securely in place.

With its offset design, this bracket adds an attractive visual element to your signage display. It creates a distinctive look that draws attention while maximizing the space available for your signs.

Upgrade your signage with the Light Duty Upper Offset Sign Bracket. Its durable construction, versatile dimensions, and eye-catching design make it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, both indoors and outdoors.