Modular Wall Mount Sign Bracket Kits

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Modular Wall Mount Sign Bracket Kit Details:







20" (+3" ball finials) 4"x4" Adjustable! 16"-18"
30" (+3" ball finials) 4"x4" Adjustable! 26"-28"
40" (+3" ball finials) 4"x4" Adjustable! 36"-38"


Our modular wall mount sign brackets are just what you need to showcase your business' signs. Modular Wall Mount Sign Brackets offer flexibility and versatility with your signage requirements. We start with a sturdy square base and optional length arms that can be mounted directly into a wall or on a square post. To provide even more versatility, two adjustable collars with eye bolts are included so you can accommodate signs of various sizes. The entire bracket kit is handcrafted from steel and finished with a black powder coated that ensures these modular sign brackets can handle the elements and prevent rust. To complete the design, a removable ball finial is added to the end of the arm.

Modular Wall Mount Sign Bracket Kit features:

  • Matte black powder coated steel construction
  • Coordinating Sign Blanks and Sign Hanging Hardware Kits available
  • For installation on exterior walls, fences and square posts
  • Includes 2 adjustable collars with eye bolts- custom fit your ring centers to fit a sign perfectly
  • Easy screw-on ball finial adds that classy finishing touch
  • Perfect for hanging business signs

Because both the arm and collars can be adjusted, the bracket offers a solution when retrofitting existing signage. Our modular systems gives you the flexibility of hanging different shape and sized signs with ease. The adjustable collars fit over the ring centers on your sign wherever they may be, and all you do is place the collar and tighten. The eyebolts then screw into the collars, and voila... you have a sleek customized modern sign bracket.

Use the brackets to advertise your business, to create a welcome sign or inform your customers of a special or activity. Hang the sign from the side of your business, or place it on a pole on the sidewalk, either way, your sign will be an excellent first impression for your customers. Regardless of what your sign needs to say or the style you prefer to use to say it, we can customize a sign bracket to suit your needs. Our representatives are just a phone call or an email away.

For Custom Sign Brackets please call: 888-919-7446 7am - 4pm PST, M-F