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Almost any of our Gooseneck light fixtures can be equipped with a photocell sensor to automatically control when the light turns on/off based on available ambient light. This is an ideal solution to help minimize power consumption in locations where an automated timer circuit or switch isn’t available but unattended operation is desired.

When you order a Photocell equipped Gooseneck fixture the photocell sensor comes pre-mounted in a 1.75" deep x 6" dia. round base plate. The photocell equipped light will turn on between 1 and 5 foot candles. The photocell sensitivity is fixed (not adjustable) but has a built in time delay circuit to help prevent unintended on/off cycles due to momentary flashes at night. Please also note: these photocell equipped mounting plates can only be installed above a "flush" mount standard 4" round or octagonal j-box to provide sufficient clearance for the sensor.

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