Torino Elite Hanging Blade Sign Bracket

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Torino Elite Hanging Blade Sign Bracket Details








30" (+3"for finials) 12" 14"


40"(+3"for finials)

14" 22" 36"-38"

50"(+3"for finials)

16" 30" 46"-48"

Having an attractive business sign is a vital component to your business' success, and this heavy-duty blade sign bracket will help you do just that. It's a must-have for smaller signs hanging outside doors or inside of stores and restaurants to mark off specific areas. Scrolls and curls are featured to add an elegant finish to the look, while the black finish bodes well for most any commercial locale. It's a great option for those who need more an old world or simple sign options, or where larger back lit signs are not allowed.

Product Overview:

  • Standard sizes: 30", 40", 50"
  • Powder coated matte black steel
  • Scroll work created from 1" steel flat bar, arm is 1" square bar
  • Pre-drilled holes for installation
  • Ideal for historical districts
  • Lighted version available
  • Custom orders accepted.

Hanging signs may be placed along any flat surface where hardware can get a good hold. This bracket features a back plate and four mounting holes to make installation quick and easy. Just put the plate into place, and add coordinating hardware into the holes. Be sure your installation location is firm enough to hold the bracket and your coordinating sign. This piece is made from your choice of tubular steel or aluminum, making for a durable item that holds up against wear and tear. The 3-inch ball finial is made gives signage a nice decorative touch. Additionally, all items are powder coated, which means the black color is baked into the metal. This keeps peeling, rusting, fading, and chipping at bay, for years of practicality. Rest assured that you're making a wise investment in your business!

Combine this with other accessories to get the most out of your business sign. Gooseneck wall lights may help illuminate your logo and other identifying information, and can mounted near or next to the bracket and sign. Decorative additions may also be available. Brackets may also be painted in a variety of colors if desired, allowing for full customization to coordinate with your business logo and surrounding decor.