Decorative Real Estate Sign Frame

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Post Height

Sign Holder Size

Other Information

Optional Sign Blank

52"H including scrolls
24.25" Length

24"x18" 1"x1" Steel "L" Angle construction
4" Steps to push into ground
24"x18"- 1/4" thick PVC blank


Crafted from robust 1"x1" L-angle steel and treated with a powder-coated finish, this frame boasts longevity while adding a touch of sophistication. The frame is thoughtfully adorned with 1" flat steel scrollwork at its top and bottom, enhancing its visual appeal. Designed to accommodate a 24"L x 18"H sign blank, this frame becomes the canvas for your messaging.

Practicality meets ingenuity with the welded steps integrated into the frame's design. These steps streamline the installation process, allowing you to effortlessly push the frame into the ground. Ideal for temporary real estate or other quick signage needs, this feature adds convenience to your advertising efforts.

For those seeking a seamless and coordinated look, our optional 18" x 24"  x 1/4" thick PVC sign blank complements the frame perfectly. This blank offers a blank canvas for your content, ensuring your message takes center stage.