Double Bolt Strap Bracket

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Slot Size
for Banding

Mounting Hole


1 3/8" Length
1 1/2" Width
1 1/4" Height


5/16" - 18UNC (x2)

Stainless Steel

Double Bolt Strap Bracket - Large Dia. Poles features:

  • Straps To 4”+ Round, 2-1/2”+ Square, All Lamp Posts
  • Fits up to 3/4" wide band
  • Includes (2) stainless steel bolts and washers
  • (2) Nylon washers included to protect signage
  • Fabricated from stainless steel

Choosing the right bracket and banding method can significantly reduce call backs to reposition shifting signs. Always consider wind load, vibration, and other environmental factors before installation.  When mounting a sign on a flat surface or to straddle the shape of fluted poles, choose the SBS Style # Z9-D00889 Double Bolt Straight Leg Design for your application.

  • Manufactured using high strength stainless steel and metal forming technology that adds reinforced ribbing for additional strength.
  • The band slot is sized to accept a double wrap of 0.030" band. Double wrapping significantly increases strength.  Slot accepts banding widths up to ¾”.
  • Stainless steel bolts, washers, and fiber washers that hold signs securely without staining or tearing the sign face are included.
  • Center hole of bracket is threaded so there is no need for a nut.