Heavy Duty French Cleat

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Cleat Size

Hole Size



2 3/8" each
Engaged 4"
Sold in Pairs

3/16" 2.5in-8ft T5 6005A
Aluminum Alloy


Enhance your wall displays with the reliability of French Cleat Hangers. A top choice for commercial signs, panels, and artwork, these versatile hanging clips ensure robust displays while maintaining a discreet profile. They seamlessly adhere to diverse surfaces like stucco, brick, and cinder block, providing a secure and enduring mounting solution.

Sold in pairs, our Heavy-Duty French Cleats come in lengths ranging from 2 1/2 inches to an impressive 8 feet. Crafted from sturdy aluminum alloy, these cleats boast remarkable weight-bearing capacity, though precise calculations will depend on the specific object, surface, and supporting hardware. To ensure stability, French Cleat Fixings should span at least 3/4 of the hung furnishing's width. For larger objects, employing top and bottom cleats is recommended.

Installation is adaptable to your project's needs. Utilize preferred screws, fasteners, commercial adhesives, or a combination thereof to establish the sturdiest mount. One cleat attaches to the object in an inverted position, while the other secures to the mounting surface. This allows wall furnishings to smoothly slide into the surface support, resulting in a flush display that sits almost seamlessly against the wall.

Please note that screws, fasteners, and other hardware are not included with Z-clips. Keep in mind that the maximum weight limits depend on individual weight-bearing calculations and the chosen hardware. For larger items, we recommend using pairs of French Cleats to ensure adequate support.

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