Medium Duty French Cleat

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Cleat Size

Hole Size



1 1/2" each
Engaged 2 5/8"
Sold in Pairs

3/16" 2.5in-8ft T5 6005A
Aluminum Alloy


French Cleats offer the perfect solution for hanging wall furnishings and signs with unmatched display integrity. Sold in pairs, the two-component set comprises a cleat affixed to the mounting surface and another inverted cleat attached to the display piece. Upon alignment, these cleats form a sturdy bracket that evenly distributes the hung item's weight.

Available in various lengths, optimal outcomes are achieved when the French Cleat hangers cover a minimum of 75% of the mounted object's width. Crafted from robust extruded aluminum, they ensure discreet mounting for both even and uneven surfaces. Secure attachment can be accomplished through screws, commercial adhesives, or a combination of both, offering flexibility.

Pre-drilled holes facilitate seamless mounting, ensuring precise placement and unwavering stability. The combined height of both engaged cleats is 2 5/8 inches. A range of lengths, from 2.5 inches to 8 feet, provides versatile options to suit your needs.