One-Way Ball Finial Banner Bracket Set - Post Mount

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One-Way Ball Finial Banner Bracket Pair Details:

Suggested Banner Width

Banner Arm 



1" Sq Tube x 20"
(+3" Ball Finial)

3"- 6" Round,Square 

1" Sq Tube x 26"
(+3" Ball Finial)

3"- 6" Round,Square


1" Sq Tube x 32"
(+3" Ball Finial)

3"- 6" Round,Square


1" Sq Tube x 38"
(+3" Ball Finial)

3"- 6" Round,Square


Enhance the allure of your banners while ensuring their secure display with our exquisite Top and Bottom Finial banner bracket kit. This comprehensive kit consists of two one-way bracket poles, designed specifically for securing the top and bottom of your banner with utmost reliability. To add a touch of sophistication, each pole is gracefully adorned with finial caps. Additionally, the kit includes an installation kit that simplifies the process of hanging your banners, making it a breeze.

With this versatile kit, you can elevate your outdoor environment by using the banners to showcase a variety of elements. Whether you wish to hang directional signs, historical landmark markers, or decorative signs, our banner bracket kit infuses a sense of class and style into any setting. Crafted from durable materials, the poles offer exceptional sturdiness and can withstand a range of weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.

The One-Way Ball Finial Iron Straight Arm Banner Bracket Set comprises:

  • 1 Top straight 1" square arm with a removable ball finial
  • 1 Bottom straight 1" square arm with a removable ball finial
  • Integrated clamping system for round or square posts
  • 1 Mounting Hardware Kit

Moreover, our banner brackets are customizable to cater to specific requirements. We offer options for large banners, high wind applications, and corner-mount installations, allowing you to tailor the bracket system precisely to your needs.