Premium Decorative Sign Mount System

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Post Height

Sign Holder Size



12"x12" Back Plate
Accommodates 36"x24" Sign
Optional Sign Blanks


Presenting our Premium Decorative Sign Mount, available exclusively at the Sign Bracket Store. This system elevates elegance and functionality in signage solutions.

At its core, the mount features a 12"x12" mounting plate attached to a slip-over base with a 3" ball finial. Installation is straightforward; the mount gracefully slides over any 3" diameter post, ensuring a secure display. The pre-drilled mounting plate offers versatility, allowing easy on-site attachment of your sign blank. Tailor your message precisely, enhancing your branding impact.

Included is an architectural base that goes beyond function, adding decorative refinement by concealing the pole's transition from the ground. For heightened visibility, the 2-sided mount option offers mounting plates on both sides of the slip-over base, captivating attention from all angles.  Explore our optional PVC oval sign blank, measuring 36"x24", to amplify your sign's allure. It becomes a canvas for your creativity, allowing your messaging to shine.