Two-Way Iron Straight Arm Banner Bracket Set

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Two-Way Pole Banner Brackets

Pole banners that are hung freely to flap in the breeze portray a half-finished feel. Unsecured banners are also likely to twist and turn, making it difficult to read your signage at all times, especially in windy or rainy weather. If you want to display your signage in a classy way that is sure to be noticed, consider using our two-way iron pole banner brackets. These straight-arm brackets ensure that your vinyl sign hangs secure and straight for all to see. These convenient bracket sets also give a more upscale look to your exterior space, showing your professionalism and conscientiousness for every last detail.

Custom Banner Brackets Upon Request

These two-way brackets are made to fit with either round, octagonal, or square poles. Choose your pole with from 3", 4", or 6" round. In each order you will find two pole-mounting brackets with an arm on either side for display on both sides of a pole. All sets are available with an arm length of 20", 26", 32", or 38." Our banner brackets are made from durable welded steel and have a black powder coat finish. You will never have to worry about these handy brackets rusting or corroding out in the elements. If you need brackets customized for a specific pole- such as tapered or a larger diameter- we are happy to make custom banner brackets to your exact specifications.

Uses for Pole Banners

You can adjust your banner arms to the correct distance apart for you sign. Please note that the arm length should typically be two inches longer than the banner width. On each side the brackets have an eyelet where the arm meets the mounting plate. Secure your sign in place using a zip tie or string via the sign's corner grommet. You won't ever have to worry about your sign slipping out of place! Pole banners make an attractive display medium in parks and shopping courtyards, parking lots, municipal spaces, and entertainment venues.

More Information
Length 20", 26", 32", 38"
Diameter 3", 4", 6"
Banner Size 18", 24", 30", 36"
Material Iron
Mounting Type Pole or Post
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