Universal Straight Arm - Wall Mount (Banners or Hanging Signs)

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Universal Straight Arm - Wall Mount Details:





or Banner

30" 6"x6" 26"-28"
40" 6"x6" 36"-38"
50" 6"x6" 46"-48"


Discover the exceptional features and benefits of our Universal Straight Arm Bracket:

  1. Contemporary Style: Boasting a clean and modern design, the Universal Straight Arm Bracket seamlessly blends with almost any design scheme, ensuring a visually appealing display.

  2. Hand-Crafted Durability: Each bracket is meticulously hand-crafted from sturdy steel, guaranteeing long-lasting performance. To further enhance its resilience, the bracket is powder-coated, providing effective protection against rust and corrosion.

  3. Customizable Eye-Bolts: Tailor your display to perfection by adding your preferred eye-bolts with the desired spread. This unique feature grants you full control over the positioning and arrangement of your signage or banners.

  4. Versatile Pairing: The Universal Straight Arm Bracket is designed for versatility. Utilize a pair of brackets to securely mount banners, maximizing their impact and visibility. When used in conjunction, the top and bottom holders create a stable and balanced display.

  5. Custom Lengths Available: We understand that every project has unique requirements. That's why we offer custom lengths for our brackets, allowing you to obtain the precise dimensions needed for your specific application. For personalized assistance and a detailed quote, please contact us at 888-919-7446 today.

Embrace the modern and adaptable nature of our 30"-50" Universal Straight Arm Bracket. Its robust steel construction and weather-resistant powder-coated finish ensure optimal performance and longevity in various climates. Whether mounting hanging signs or banners, this bracket is a reliable and visually appealing choice for your display needs.