LIGHT Duty Cleat (Sold as a Pair)

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Hang up signs, artwork and other wall displays using a French Cleat System. This light-duty model features a pair of extruded aluminum hanging clips, one for the mounting surface and one for the item to be mounted. French Cleats in this gauge are recommended for mounting on softer surfaces like drywall and foam. Note that the weight bearing equation will differ per the item and mounting surface.

Order French Cleat hangers in lengths ranging from 2in. up to 8ft. wide. One bracket attaches to the flat mounting surface and the other is attached to the back of the furnishing in an inverted position. Fasten with screws, commercial adhesives or both. Once cleats are in place, simply slide one into the other for a hidden mount. Note: hardware will remain invisible but does not sit fully flush to the wall. Some displays may require French Cleat fixings at the top and bottom for a safe, even installation.

In general, light duty cleats should span at least 75% of a hung furnishing's width. The display item should have a strong enough frame or backing to support French Cleats and the appropriate screws and/or fasteners (not included). This product makes efficient woodworking hardware; not recommended for uneven surface applications such as stucco, brick, cinder block, etc.

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Material Aluminum
Color Mill Finish
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