Sign Stabilizer Tab

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Sign Stabilizer Tab features:

  • Prevents blade signs from swinging too much due to adverse weather conditions
  • 3/16" Thick commercial grade steel powder coated in black
  • Can be used with most gauges of jack chain to anchor stabilizer to blade sign
  • Does not include wall mounting hardware

In windy/gusty locations it's often helpful to have a way to help minimize your sign from swinging back and forth. One solution is our Sign stabilizer. Designed to help prevent your sign from swinging and creating extra stress on the bracket or sign connections. These tabs are welded steel and powder coated Black to match our popular blade sign brackets.

Back plate is 3" x 3" with a 3/8" hole near each corner. The stabilizing tab is 2" x 2" with a 1/4" hole near the edge. Typically installed below the blade sign bracket just below the lowest point of your sign. A piece of chain or steel cable (guy wire) can then be run between the stabilizer tab and bottom or lower inside corner of sign.